The Modern Aztec's Guide to Dating and Time Travel

Available November 11, 2020


Available on November 11, 2020, a new time-travel comedy about friendship, imitation Uggs, tacos, and the molecular integrity of the space-time continuum.

Seriously, what's a Warrior of Aztlan gotta do to get a decent meal and real Uggs around here?

All Quality Jones wants is a normal life and her own small business. But times have changed for her.



She’s survived two time travel accidents, grown up in a parallel timeline where the Aztecs defeated the Spanish, got yanked back into this timeline, and befriended a tyrannical cat and a Category 4 Guardian Demon along the way.


Oh, and she’s also developed her own DIY time-travel and quantum disruption technology. Which, in the wrong hands, could totally vaporize the space-time continuum.

Seriously, is a normal, quiet life where she starts her own business while keeping her time-travel technology from unraveling the very fabric of reality too much to ask for? 

Fortunately for Quality, she’s caught the attention of a dashing philanthropist with deep pockets, rugged good looks and charm to spare, and a slightly dysfunctional relationship with his nine-year-old daughter.

Unfortunately for Quality, a chance encounter at the worst possible time brings her face-to-face with the world’s most lovable band of supervillains out to conquer the world in the name of EVIL.

A series of cosmic coincidences and mishaps threatens to unravel Quality’s plans and expose her secrets. Who would have thunk, but there are people who really want to get their hands on her time-travel technology, and are really, really willing to do anything to take it from her. Really.

Now, Quality has no choice but to team up with her newfound allies, her spiteful feline companion, and her Guardian Demon to protect her technology at all costs. Because she’ll need all the tacos, imitation Uggs, and dating advice she can get if she’s going up against an irritated police force, Amazon Prime battle tanks, a potential quantum cataclysm, and one alarming possibility she’s never considered.

That maybe her time-travel accidents might not have been so accidental, and that there might be some truth to that annoying cliché about things happening for a reason. 

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