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What would you do if anything you wrote could come true?

Scribes have a gift. Whatever they write comes true. Misfortune. Theft. Even murder. Editors—covert specialists operating beyond the law—watch over them. Among the Editors, Io is the best, and the most ruthless. But on her way to her next assignment, something happens. Her phone rings—along with every other phone on the planet.

"What would you do if you knew the world would end next week?"

A single phone call to the world’s population asks this question. The same message appears on walls, TV screens, even flesh. Confusion erupt into chaos. Violence spreads like wildfire. Io discovers a Scribe named Nadie sent the message. But the message is only the beginning.

The Final Solstice

In two weeks, on the day of the winter solstice, Nadie promises a final judgment. Battling a world spiraling into mass hysteria and her own dark past, Io must race to stop Nadie. But as the world is engulfed in a series of supernatural catastrophes, Io uncovers a shocking possibility: Is Nadie writing humanity’s extermination? And is Nadie linked to her past?




Library Journal

Latino author Silva brings a fresh new voice to the genre in this debut featuring a Latin-Asian hero and expanding the demographic appeal of SF. A good selection for most SF collections. 


SciFiNow Magazine

Silva spends much of his time investing in characterisation, bringing the players to life in front of the readers's eyes... A very impressive launch for an exciting new author.

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